Relationships & Health Education

Course Overview

For many of our young people, understanding healthy relationships, body changes, naming body parts and keeping safe should be a learning priority. RSE/RHE is about Safeguarding our learners nothing else.

To promote the safety of our young people we need to support them to develop skills to communicate effectively; however they communicate. The NSPCC also encourages us that this can be achieved through relevant RHE/RSE that develops our young peoples’ conceptual understanding relating to personal safety, feelings, relationships, safe and unsafe behaviours and how to seek help.

Our RSE/RHE training and support comes from many years’ experience of best practice and improving provision; including Masters level research and development. We provide RSE training and support to professionals from a range of sectors; education, health and social care.

The training is designed to improve the knowledge, skills and confidence of participants in communicating with, supporting and educating children and young people with a learning disability about relationships, growing and changing and sexual health – in a positive, inclusive, safe and      pro-active manner.

Whatever your starting point on the RSE confidence scale, it is important to keep these key points in mind:

We all want children to feel safe and to be happy and healthy

We need to be mindful of their needs

We may need to challenge our own thinking; why we think the way we do?


We need to make talking about relationships, our changing bodies and puberty as normal as possible; it is normal after all!

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