Specialist SEND tutor bring tears of joy to a parent

Student Y – KS4, ASC, Non-verbal


When originally referred, Y was a school refuser due to his anxiety related to his ASC needs. He’d moved to four different schools with the SENCO struggling for a solution to engage him and integrate him into school. Having used SEND Recruitment for in-school support in the past, the client hoped to use our SST model to re-engage and reintegrate student Y back into school.

Having assigned a specialist SEND tutor with a track record supporting non-verbal learners, a pen and notepad was used to converse with the tutor and discuss interests. Gaming and computers were identified as a clear hook for Y’s engagement and given the tutor’s existing knowledge of these topics, a project was set out whereby Y developed a script for a video game. Y quickly displayed a talent and passion for creative writing, consistently completing his homework – eager to show his tutor on the next session.

Starting at two sessions of one hour per week, the tutor was able to move at the student’s pace, slowly increasing the hours as their relationship developed. The fresh face and bespoke approach of the tutor allowed Y’s confidence to grow, often letting his guard down and speaking every so often. He now has three sessions of two hours each week.

The client and parent are very satisfied with the service and hours will be increasing come September ’21 with the aim to integrate Y into school so he can achieve qualifications before he finishes school.

“We were very lucky that Jordan came into our lives and introduced us to my son’s tutor J. My son had had a tough time as school and really couldn’t connect with anybody, was frightened and afraid of anything school related. But J is excellent. More than excellent. His patience, kindness and his passion for teaching and explaining and finding a way to get through to a child is nothing short of amazing. My son with complex issues has come out of his shell, engages, and looks forward, yes actually looks forward to seeing J. Something I hand on heart never thought I’d see. He has come a long way in a very short space of time. If it hadn’t been for Jordan, and his thorough assessment of my son and in chatting to me to find the right person for the job, I don’t know where we’d be. Certainly, nowhere near where we actually are now. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone.


We honestly couldn’t have dreamed for anything better for J, it has actually brought me to tears a few times watching him smile and laugh at something or seeing him get excited that he’s understood say a new part of maths and got it right. Watching him tell my mum that he’d passed an English and Maths paper with this huge grin will stay with me forever. It’s not just that J is an amazing teacher but it’s the confidence he’s building in him too. It’s just as important. And for you to have figured out the right teacher for my son (I know you changed them round a little first to find the right person, so obviously you’re amazing at your job too). I wished we’d have known about you years ago!”

for more information on our tutoring model please contact Jordan on 01925 906500